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    Articles in English

    • Supporting family and friends with solution-focused psychology

    • Milton Erickson's Chrystal Ball Technique

    • Frequently asked questions about solution-focused therapy

    • Brief therapy for children (and adults too) suffering from OCD

    • My foreword to the Finnish edition of David Healey's book "Cracked"

    • Creative ways to present the miracle question

    • Working with high conflict divorced parents: Tricks of the trade

    • What to do when you client says "I don't know"?

    • Chicken and the egg - a hindsight view of therapy (1989)

    • How to help children overcome tantrums and other outbursts of anger

    • Fun stuff: Talking down to children

    • Solution-focused ideas for surviving COVID: Blog for the newsletter of Razak School of Government, Malesia

    • The imaginary pill - An article by Steve de Shazer that appeared in the 80s in Underground Railroad - the journal of BFTC.

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    Artikkeleita suomeksi (Articles in Finnish)

    • Takaisin kouluun työkirja

    • Pakko-oireiden ratkaisukeskeinen hoito

    • Viesti-Wilmalla-viisaasti

    • Kun asiakas vastaa "En tiedä"

    • Lasten raivokohtausten ratkaisukeskeinen hoito

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    • Rob McNeilly interviews me about Kids'Skills